Social Thinker groups


Social learning groups are a powerful intervention tool. Children are carefully matched by ability level and interests. During the school year, groups meet weekly. In the summer, more intense social groups are often scheduled. Groups at all ages emphasize social thinking.  Additionally, there are groups with a secondary focus such as anxiety, depression, anger management or language.


Younger Social Learners focus on

   *decoding the thoughts and plans of others

    *building cooperative group play skills

    *increasing awareness of emotional states

    *supporting narrative for social reasoning

    *maintaining a well regulated state

    *strengthening executive function


Older Social Learners focus on:  

   *reviewing foundation social concepts

            (e.g. body proximity, referencing, joining)

    *improving “we thinking” skills

            (e.g. negotiation, balanced conversation)

    *practicing crucial friend skills

    *expanding emotional vocabulary

    *self-managing sensory regulation

    *learning tools for better executive function

    *understanding one’s self

    *accepting new responsibilities & expectations

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